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Nelson Auto Center Inc. is a car service center based in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. The company offers a range of car servicing facilities at reasonable prices. The services offered at the Nelson Auto Center include minor car repairs, tire and wheel service, battery installation, and AC cooling. The company is a women-owned business. In addition, it has a good finance option. For more information, please visit Nelson Auto Center Inc.

To understand the salary of an employee at Nelson Auto Center Inc., it's helpful to read reviews from other employees. While many companies boast of high employee satisfaction, others have less enticing benefits. Read reviews and compare salaries for similar positions from other local companies. Then, you can decide whether a company's benefits are worth applying to. If you're interested in working for Nelson Auto Center, Inc., read the reviews about the company and see if there's a good fit for you.

The company recently agreed to repay more than $1 million to police departments that bought vehicles from the company. The settlement came after KARE 11 revealed a complex scheme to overcharge law enforcement agencies for police vehicles. KARE 11 reported that Nelson Auto had sold police vehicles to nearly 200 agencies over a three-year period. The company had promised refunds, but the investigations found that they had overcharged the police departments by $803,309 on average.

According to the Eighth Circuit, Nelson Auto's lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice because KARE 11's post did not constitute actual malice. Despite the fact that KARE 11 has a website that contains inaccurate information, it failed to delete its post or link to it. This means that KARE 11 knew the stories were false and continued to publish them despite the lack of correction or removal. Nelson Auto claims that the company has been the victim of a scam.

KARE 11 argues that the facts underlying the defamation claim do not show actual malice by Nelson Auto. The motion to dismiss is granted on the basis of the records, and the amended complaint is dismissed with prejudice. Nelson Auto's lawyers are looking for a settlement that will allow it to avoid a lengthy trial. Nelson Auto argues that the plaintiff's evidence is not convincing, and that the claims are based on a misunderstanding of the facts.

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