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Buy a used or certified car in Minnesota from Rochester Cadillac car dealer.

If you're in the market for a new car, visit a dealership like the Rochester Cadillac. You can find a wide variety of Cadillac cars, from coupes to SUVs. In addition, Rochester Cadillac dealers offer service and maintenance to keep your car in top shape. A local dealership like Jim Riehl's Friendly Cadillac in Rochester Hills, Michigan, offers a variety of vehicles and friendly employees. Stop in today to experience the difference.

The Rochester Cadillac dealership is one of the finest in the state. Their dealerships have online listings, as well as contact information. Customers can search for their preferred Cadillac by color or features. If they are unsure of what they want, the dealership is happy to assist them in locating the perfect vehicle. The dealership can also assist with any financing questions you may have. They'll give you the best possible service. Find the Cadillac dealer that will meet your needs and get you on the road in no time.

To get the best service, visit Jim Riehl's Friendly Cadillac. They offer top-of-the-line service, with a team of technicians who are familiar with the Cadillac brand. They'll quickly diagnose your problem and let you know the best course of action. The service writer will explain to you the repair costs and time-frame in plain language. It's all about transparency. The Rochester Cadillac service center can handle any problem, regardless of the size, at a reasonable price.

If you're looking for a new Cadillac, Rochester Cadillac is an excellent choice. Not only do they offer new models, but they also have a large selection of used cars. From luxury SUVs to compact cars, they're all available at Rochester Cadillac. Choose a new Cadillac model from our inventory today. You'll love it. Our team is committed to making your visit a pleasurable one. And don't forget about our service department.

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Rochester Cadillac dealer in Rochester

Dealership In Rochester, MN

Looking to purchase a vehicle in great condition? Looking to sell your vehicle and the best possible price? Are you looking to trade-in your vehicle and get top dollar? Rochester Cadillac is the perfect dealership for you! They are located at 1000 12th Street Sw, Rochester, MN 55902.

Leasing and Financing

No more rushing to the banks to get financing at the best rates. Rochester Cadillac provides great financing options including the best rates, low APR and no hidden charges. Get pre-approved for your dream car today!