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In this study, Carol Jacobs explores W. G. Sebald's work through "vision." Her focus on Sebald's juxtaposition of text and images highlights the ethical imperative of accurately depicting history while simultaneously questioning the possibility of accurate representation. This study is particularly relevant to the field of literary criticism. Whether or not Sebald is truly a "visionary" is up for debate. This book is highly recommended for readers interested in the philosophic side of fiction.

As a locally owned and operated Ford franchise, Sebald's Ford has been a part of the local community since 1935. Ford received a Ford franchise on December 5, 1935, and the company has been selling new Ford cars and trucks ever since. In all, the business has been in service for over 70 years, and even though so much has changed, Sebald's Ford has remained committed to customer satisfaction. It has also been honored by Ford with the company's highest accolade for 10 consecutive years, the "Outstanding Customer Service Award."

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