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Walser Automotive Group is known for its one-price model and world-class customer service. The group recently changed its recruitment strategy for sales professionals and eliminated its traditional finance department. In addition, Walser has implemented a modern operating system that allows customers to deal with one person from the greeting to the final delivery of their vehicle. The group has also streamlined its process by focusing on speed, fairness and transparency. To learn more about Walser Automotive Group, read on.

The Walser Automotive Group operates 23 dealerships throughout Minnesota and Kansas. Recently, the company restructured its senior management team to focus on new opportunities, growth and unique customer experience initiatives. In addition, co-CEO Andrew Walser, who has led the company for nearly 20 years, will remain as President and CEO and continue to serve on the board of the National Auto Dealers Association. He also intends to expand the group to additional markets outside Minnesota.

Andrew Walser is the second generation to run Walser Automotive Group. His father was a prominent car dealer in Minnesota and his grandfather was an Oldsmobile zone manager. In 1955, his father was granted an Oldsmobile franchise in Hopkins, MN. Andrew Walser was appointed CEO of the company in 1997, succeeding his father, Paul. Andrew Walser was appointed president of the Walser Automotive Group in 2018.

The Walser Automotive Group employs approximately 3,000 people worldwide. Its headquarters is located in Texas. Its primary industries are car sales and service, truck repair, and commercial trucks. The group also has subsidiaries and alternate spellings, such as Walser Automotive Group, LLC. Further, the company provides automotive repair and maintenance to its clients and focuses on building vehicles. For more information, visit the company's official website.

To make the transition to a new company as smooth as possible, Walser uses automated processes. The transition is seamless and fast, and employees are told about Walser's history. Additionally, new employees are assigned to a dedicated person at their new location. They are then guided through a full orientation of their new company. The Walser Auto Campus is proud to sponsor the Auggie Navarro Pro-Am Invitational, a golf tournament that raises money for Kansans with intellectual disabilities.

The Walser Automotive Group has continued to grow since its founding in 1991. Its growth has come from the acquisition of many automotive brands, including Bloomington Nissan, Buick, and Mazda. The company also expanded its automotive business by acquiring the Chevrolet franchise from Baldwin Chevrolet. The group now owns eight car dealerships in the greater Minneapolis area. Unlike many of its competitors, Walser has an impressive employee turnover rate. Its customer reviews are highly positive, and Walser's reputation is unmatched in the industry.

The new owner has implemented a single-point of contact (SOP) model for its dealerships. Previously, the company relied on a high-level of human interaction. By implementing a single-point-of-contact system, the company has reduced the amount of time needed to complete a transaction. The results are clear: Walser Automotive Group expects to sell over 4,000 vehicles this year, an 85 percent increase over last year and a 101 percent increase over 2015. New vehicles will make up about a third of the total sales, while used cars make up the remainder.

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