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2004 Acura RSX For Sale | Used Cars Minnesota

The 2004 Acura RSX continues to make its mark on the automotive scene in its third successful season in Acura's lineup. A descendant of the heralded Integra, this model showcases Acura's commitment to blending sporty performance with luxury features. This year's model, the already comprehensive standard features list, is enhanced with the addition of heated mirrors, ensuring clear vision in colder climates. Plus, customers have a new body color option to choose from, augmenting the RSX's sleek and sporty aesthetic.

The RSX is available in two trim levels - the base RSX and the performance-oriented RSX Type-S. Both trims come loaded with a host of upscale features. The base RSX is powered by a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine that generates a substantial 160 horsepower. In contrast, the high-performance RSX Type-S features a more potent version of the same engine, producing an impressive 200 horsepower, perfectly complementing its sports-tuned suspension and larger wheels. The 2004 Acura RSX, with its blend of performance, luxury, and style, reaffirms Acura's reputation for creating vehicles that are as exciting to drive as they are to behold.

Here are the pros and cons of the 2004 Acura RSX:

Pros of 2004 Acura RSX:

  • High-revving Type-S engine
  • Plenty of standard equipment
  • Nimble handling
  • Fun to drive with a 6-speed manual, according to Kelly Blue Book
  • Good fuel efficiency
  • Hatchback practicality
  • Attractive design
  • Responsive handling
  • Generous range of standard features
  • Lots of cargo space

Cons of 2004 Acura RSX:

  • Modest torque
  • Gear grind reported on the Type-S model
  • Less than ideal turning radius
  • High insurance rate


The interior design of the 2004 Acura RSX is a testament to Acura's penchant for detail, style, and functionality. Its cabin comfortably accommodates up to four people, featuring two front bucket seats and a 50/50-split, folding rear seat. The base-model upholstery is a tasteful blend of regular and suede-look fabric, while the Type-S boasts a luxurious perforated leather, also available as an option in the base coupe. The RSX stands out for its driver-focused cockpit, with large, easy-to-read gauges grouped in a pod that's angled toward the driver. For an added touch of elegance, a three-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel is installed, while music enthusiasts will appreciate the seven-speaker Bose stereo system with an in-dash six-CD changer in the Type-S. The RSX does not compromise on practicality either; it offers a generous cargo volume of 17.8 cubic feet, making it a perfect choice for those who need to balance sporty driving with everyday usability.


The exterior of the 2004 Acura RSX is not only stylish but also super eye-catching. It's got this curvy profile that's like a treat for your eyes, with a wide pentagonal grille that gives it that family resemblance to other Acura models and makes the front end look even cooler. And those huge multireflector headlights that guarantee amazing road illumination, and the cool beveled chin spoiler adds a touch of badassness to its overall vibe. The body of the 2004 Acura RSX is a work of art with precise design. It has sleek accent lines that bring out its sporty character, and short front and rear overhangs that give it a compact and agile look. The curved window glass and slim A- and B-pillars not only make it visually appealing but also greatly enhance visibility for the driver.

Sitting on a 101.2-inch wheelbase, the RSX measures 172.2 inches in length overall, striking an optimal balance between compactness for agility and length for stability. To round off its sporty look, the 2004 Acura RSX comes with a choice of vibrant exterior colors, allowing customers to personalize their vehicle according to their taste. The 2004 Acura RSX's exterior design is an exemplification of Acura's expertise in creating vehicles that are visually stunning and performance-oriented.


The engine of the 2004 Acura RSX's base model is equipped with a powerful 2.0-liter, 16-valve i-VTEC four-cylinder engine that produces an impressive 160 horsepower and 141 pounds-feet of torque. Paired with a standard five-speed manual transmission, this engine offers a smooth and responsive driving experience, showcasing the RSX's commitment to performance while maintaining fuel efficiency.

But for those who crave an even more thrilling drive, the RSX Type-S takes things up a notch. It boasts an even stronger four-cylinder engine that generates a substantial 200 horsepower and 142 pounds-feet of torque. This engine requires premium fuel, a small price to pay for the exhilarating performance it offers. The Type-S comes exclusively with a close-ratio six-speed-manual gearbox, providing enhanced control and a more engaging drive. Whether you prioritize economy or performance, the 2004 Acura RSX's engine lineup offers something for every driver.

Fuel Efficiency

The 2004 Acura RSX doesn't make you choose between performance and fuel efficiency; it offers the best of both worlds. With its 2.0-liter engine, the base model RSX is rated at an impressive 24 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway, making it a smart choice for both urban commuters and long-distance travelers. For the performance-oriented RSX Type-S, the fuel economy figures are slightly lower but still commendable, clocking in at 20 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. These numbers, coupled with its 13.2-gallon fuel tank, promise fewer visits to the gas station and more time enjoying the thrill of the open road. In the realm of sports coupes, the 2004 Acura RSX stands out as a fuel-efficient choice, proving that you don't have to sacrifice at the pump for an exhilarating driving experience.


The 2004 Acura RSX is equipped with standard safety features that include all-disc antilock brakes, for superior braking performance and control, particularly under harsh or slippery conditions. In the unfortunate event of a collision, the vehicle's side-impact airbags provide added protection to the vehicle occupants, reducing the risk of injuries. Understanding the varied size and seating positions of passengers, the RSX incorporates occupant-position and height sensors for the front passenger. These sensors ensure the front passenger airbag deploys with appropriate force, reducing the potential for airbag-induced injuries.

In addition, front seat belt pretensioners automatically tighten seatbelts to place the occupant in the optimal seating position during a collision. Child safety is also a key focus in the RSX. It includes a LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren) system, a standard feature that facilitates the secure attachment of child safety seats. While safety ratings vary based on different rating systems, the 2004 Acura RSX has generally been recognized for its commitment to safety. Multiple elements contribute to the safety of the RSX, making it a compelling choice for individuals prioritizing both performance and safety in their vehicle selection.

Key Takeaways

There you have it! The 2004 Acura RSX is a commendable masterstroke in the realm of sporty coupes, delivering a compelling mix of performance, style, fuel efficiency, and safety. Its powerful 2.0-liter engine ensures an exciting, responsive drive, while its exterior design exudes a distinctive charm that turns heads on the road. The interior design marries style, comfort, and practicality, promising a delightful and convenient driving experience.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the 2004 Acura RSX impresses with figures that stand out in its category, proving that a thrilling driving experience need not come at the expense of frequent gas station visits. The car's commitment to safety is also evident, with a host of safety features designed to protect and give peace of mind to its occupants.

The 2004 Acura RSX offers tremendous value for those seeking a sporty coupe that doesn't compromise on practicality, fuel efficiency, or safety. This car is a highly recommended choice for both the thrill-seekers and the safety-conscious drivers alike. Its unique blend of attributes makes it a versatile performer, justifying its enduring appeal.