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2008 Acura TL For Sale | Used Cars Minnesota

The 2008 Acura TL is one awesome luxury sedan. It's right up there with some of the high-end vehicles like the BMW 3 Series, Infiniti G35, Audi A4, and Lexus IS. And don't underestimate its front-wheel-drive setup - this car packs a punch with its powerful V6 engine. With its spacious interior and loaded with all the latest luxury features, you'll have a comfortable and classy ride. Plus, it's pretty fuel-efficient, giving you a cool 27 miles per gallon on the highway. And the best part? It won't break the bank! The 2008 Acura TL is the smart choice for luxury without the crazy price tag. And if you're a real enthusiast, the TL Type-S variant is just what you need - sporty suspension and head-turning style. It's the best of the best!

Here are the pros and cons of the 2008 Acura TL:

Pros of 2008 Acura TL:

  • Roomy and well-crafted interior, making for a comfortable driving experience.
  • Impressive handling for a relatively large front-drive sedan.
  • Equipped with sweet V6 engines matched to excellent transmissions.
  • Known for its strong V6 engine and sharp handling.
  • Offers an upscale interior, adding a touch of luxury.
  • Reliable and durable, making it a good long-term investment.
  • Comes with advanced technology features like live traffic and an excellent-sounding stereo.
  • Well-built and extremely easy to live with as a daily driver.

Cons of 2008 Acura TL:

  • The automatic transmission is reported to be pretty choppy.
  • Poor driver's side blind spot visibility due to a large B-Pillar.
  • May offer poor headroom for individuals taller than 6 feet.
  • Requires premium fuel, which can be more expensive.
  • The steering wheel has been reported to jerk to the side under hard acceleration.
  • As a front-drive sports sedan, it competes in a segment dominated by rear-drive competitors.


The interior design of the 2008 Acura TL really shines! It's got one of the roomiest and most comfortable cabins in its category, providing plenty of space, especially for rear-seat passengers. The seats in the Type-S models even have sportier contours and contrasting stitching, giving it an extra touch of elegance. Brushed with dark aluminum and carbon fiber trim, the cabin radiates a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Beyond aesthetics, the TL's interior is also packed with advanced features for an enhanced driving experience. It boasts an updated, voice-activated navigation system that provides real-time traffic information and integrates a rear-view camera, ensuring safety and convenience on the road. The car also excels in delivering an immersive auditory experience with its DVD-Audio Surround Sound system, providing a sublime listening experience. To make the journey even more serene, an active noise canceling system is installed in the Type-S models which uses sound waves to nullify the engine's noise at cruising speeds. All of these features combined make the 2008 Acura TL's interior both luxurious and technologically advanced.


The exterior design of the 2008 Acura TL is truly a work of art, combining class and boldness. Made with great care in California, it stands out from the crowd. One of its standout features is the eye-catching grille, matched with aggressive front and rear lower fascias, making a powerful impression on the road. The enhanced Type-S variant adds even more flair with its darker trim elements. This includes black chrome for the grille and lamp treatments, wider side sills, a rear spoiler, and dual circular exhaust outlets. The dark 17-inch wheels and Type-S badges give the vehicle an assertive look. With its unique blend of design elements, the 2008 Acura TL is unmistakable and a top choice for those who value both style and performance.


The base TL is equipped with a formidable 3.2-liter V6 engine that effortlessly dishes out horsepower, providing a smooth and exhilarating ride. It also manages an impressive fuel economy, delivering a balance between performance and efficiency that is hard to come by in luxury sedans.

But the real gem is in the TL Type-S version. This sportier variant is powered by an upgraded 3.5-liter V6 engine that takes performance to another level, offering superior power while maintaining similar fuel economy to the base model. It's paired with a sport-oriented suspension for an engaging ride and Brembo brakes for superior stopping power. An aggressive exhaust note adds to the overall sporty feel. Uniquely, the Type-S is the only model available with a manual transmission, which includes a limited-slip differential and high-performance tires, for those who prefer a more hands-on driving experience. This engine configuration truly sets the 2008 Acura TL apart, delivering a driving experience that is both thrilling and refined.

Fuel Efficiency

The base model, with its 3.2-liter V6 engine, offers an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated city/highway fuel economy of 18/26 miles per gallon, striking a perfect balance between performance and economy. The sportier and more powerful TL Type-S, despite its enhanced 3.5-liter V6 engine, maintains a commendable fuel economy. With a manual transmission, it delivers an EPA estimated 18/27 miles per gallon, and with the automatic variant, it achieves 17/26 miles per gallon. Therefore, not only does the 2008 Acura TL provide a dynamic and engaging driving experience but it also ensures that you spend less time at the gas station and more time enjoying the open road.


The sedan offers a comprehensive suite of active and passive safety technologies. For passive safety, it provides front seat side airbags, full-length curtain-type airbags, and dual-stage, dual-threshold front airbags. The front seats also have active head restraints which protect the passengers in the event of a rear impact. For active safety, the TL comes equipped with anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, and traction control that help maintain control under varied driving conditions. The TL Type-S includes high-performance Brembo brakes for enhanced stopping power. One of the standout safety features in the TL is the voice-activated navigation system that also integrates a rear-view camera. This assists the driver when reversing or parking, adding an extra layer of safety and convenience.

The 2008 Acura TL has also been recognized for its safety performance. In government crash tests, it earned a perfect five-star rating for its protection of occupants in frontal and side-impact collisions, highlighting its commitment to safety.

Key Takeaways

So, there you have it! The 2008 Acura TL is the equivalent of a superhero in a suit - it's got the looks, the power, and tech-savvy features. It's roomier than a billionaire's penthouse and more comfortable than a recliner. With a voice-activated navigation system, it's got more brains than a Nobel laureate. The exterior is a head-turner, making you look cooler than a polar bear's toenails. The engine, whether it's the base model or the Type-S, roars like a lion but sips fuel like a kitten. When it comes to safety, it's like a mother hen, ensuring you're protected from every angle.

So, if you fancy a ride that's a blend of comfort, power, and safety, with a sprinkle of style, the 2008 Acura TL is your car!