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2005 BMW 3 Series For Sale | Used Cars Minnesota

Born in the E46 generation family that first strutted onto the scene in November 1997, the 2005 BMW 3 Series offers a smorgasbord of body styles: the classic sedan, sleek coupé, flirty convertible, practical station wagon, and the compact hatchback. In terms of trims, it's like a buffet of power. You've got the 325i Sedan 4D, throwing around 184 horsepower and sprinting 0-60 in 8.1 seconds. But if you're craving more muscle, there's the 330i Sedan 4D, flexing a hearty 225 horsepower with a zippier acceleration.

But let’s not forget about the inside story. With its leather seats and snazzy instruments, the interior is as plush as a posh lounge. And don't worry about bumping your noggin - there's ample headroom, with 37.0 inches up front and 37.4 inches in the back. So, whether you're a secret agent or just a fan of top-notch rides, the 2005 BMW 3 Series is quite the catch!

Here are the pros and cons of the 2005 BMW 3 Series:

Pros of 2005 BMW 3 Series:

  • Excellent road trip car with large windows and a comfortable driving position
  • Best in its class, particularly enjoyable to drive
  • Great for motorway driving due to its quietness
  • Well-engineered with a good-quality interior
  • Great handling, making it an involving and fun car to drive
  • Front seats are very comfortable
  • A harmonious blend of sportiness and luxury
  • Offers power, agility, and excellent dynamic control

Cons of 2005 BMW 3 Series:

  • Costs more than most of its competitors
  • Limited rear-seat space and cargo capacity
  • Confusing array of options and packages
  • Maintenance and parts can be costly
  • Issues with climate control and road noise
  • May experience issues with oil and doors
  • Limited warranty
  • The sound system and cup holders could be improved
  • Passenger space can be limited, especially in 2-door models
  • Prone to electrical gremlins

Read on to learn more about the 2005 BMW 3 Series.


Slide into the 2005 BMW 3 Series and you'll feel like you've entered a swanky, roomy living room - on wheels! There's enough space to swing a cat (not that we recommend it), and your luggage can stretch out in the generous cargo area. The dashboard? It's as clear as a summer's day, with controls so intuitive, they'll have you feeling like a pro in no time. The seats are the stuff of dreams, adjusting to your every whim and offering support that would put a best friend to shame. Long journeys? Bring 'em on! You'll be ensconced in comfort all the way. Plus, with optional goodies like leather upholstery that screams 'luxury', climate control that's always got your back, power seats that obey your every command, and a sound system that could give concerts a run for their money - your ride will be nothing short of first class.


From every viewpoint, the 2005 BMW 3 Series exudes elegance. Its smooth curves have a function, giving it the appearance of a sprinting athlete. Check out the aggressive contours and sporty grille, which give a touch of boldness. But you know what steals the show? Those iconic "angel eyes" headlights, like sunglasses worn by a Hollywood star.

The aluminum wheels shine like polished armor, and the fog lights are ready to cut through any gloom. Plus, the heated mirrors keep frost at bay. It's like this car was styled by a supermodel and engineered by a superhero. Not to mention the outstanding construction, made with high-quality components that guarantee durability. The 2005 BMW 3 Series is the ideal vehicle if you want a combination of style, toughness, and sophistication.


The 2005 BMW 3 Series is like a buffet of power - you've got options. You can go for the 2.5-liter six-cylinder engine for a solid 184 horsepower or amp it up with the 3.0-liter six-cylinder variant for an impressive 225 horsepower. Whether you're into the responsive six-speed manual or the smooth five-speed automatic transmission, this ride is tailored to your driving style. It's like having a custom-made suit just for you. But hold on, there's more! This car handles like a dream, with a precision that's right on target, like a dart hitting its mark. The controls are super responsive, making it feel like you're cruising in a spaceship instead of just an ordinary car. So, get ready for an incredible driving experience with the 2005 BMW 3 Series, because it's going to be a wild ride!

Fuel Efficiency

This beauty sips fuel like a refined guest at a wine tasting, giving you an estimated 21 mpg in the city, and a whopping 30 mpg on the highway. The secret? It's all in the DNA. The fuel-efficient engine and sleek design of this car are like the ultimate power duo, making your ride both eco-friendly and budget-friendly. And that massive 15.9-gallon fuel tank? It's like having your own personal gas station on wheels, so you can cruise for miles without worrying about where to fill up next. So, go ahead, start planning that road trip. The 2005 BMW 3 Series has got you covered (and fueled up)!


This ride is packed with safety features that would make James Bond green with envy. Anti-lock brakes? Check. Stability control? You bet. Airbags and side-impact protection? Absolutely. But don't just take my word for it. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave this beauty a five-star rating. That's like the Michelin star of car safety! All in all, the 2005 BMW 3 Series delivers superior safety and security on the road.

Key Takeaways

And there you have it! The 2005 BMW 3 Series is like that triple threat we all secretly wish we were - it's got the brains (outstanding performance), the beauty (sleek exterior and luxurious interior), and the brawn (exceptional safety features). It's like the dream date for any driver, whether you're looking to start a new relationship with a car or just want a spicy upgrade. Its spacious and plush interior is like a five-star hotel suite on wheels, and its dynamic exterior will turn heads faster than a runway model.

But it doesn't just stop at good looks. This Beemer's got a heart of gold too with its powerful engine that sips fuel like its fine wine. And did I mention it's as safe as a vault at Fort Knox? So, what are you waiting for? Take the 2005 BMW 3 Series for a spin today. Trust us, it's not just a car, it's an experience!