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Used 2021 Audi SQ5 Cars for Sale in Minnesota

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Condition: Used
Mileage: 37,594

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Condition: Certified
Mileage: 37,375


Condition: Used
Mileage: 28,225


Condition: Used
Mileage: 19,194

What is the average price for used 2021 Audi SQ5 in Minnesota and how many are for sale?

  • Available
    A total of 4 cars for sale are available.
  • Average
    $46,492 is the average price.
  • –°heapest
    The price is starting from as low as $43,329.
  • Most Expensive
    The most expensive cars cost up to $51,990.

2021 Audi SQ5

The 2021 Audi SQ5, a luxurious and high-performing SUV, distinguishes itself in the robust market of sporty luxury vehicles. Its handsome exterior styling is complemented by a feature-rich, high-tech cabin that offers a refined and comfortable ride. Under the hood, the SQ5 packs a punch with a robust 349-hp turbocharged V-6 engine. However, it's important to note that this power is outmatched by rivals such as the BMW X3 M, Porsche Macan Turbo, and Mercedes-AMG GLC-class.

While the SQ5 may not be the most formidable on a twisty road, its comfort and refinement are where it truly shines. This year, the line also introduces a new Sportback variant, enhancing the SQ5's appearance with a more rakish look. In terms of trim levels, the SQ5 offers a spectrum of options to cater to different driving preferences and needs, ensuring there's an SQ5 for every kind of Audi enthusiast. Regardless of the trim level, every SQ5 provides a blend of power, comfort, and luxury that is hard to match.

Pros of 2021 Audi SQ5:

  • Quick and fastback SUV design
  • Impressive comfortable ride for a sport-tuned SUV
  • Very responsive and powerful car
  • Great suspension and handling

Cons of 2021 Audi SQ5:

  • Sterile and lacks soul
  • Not perfect, could have some improvements


The 2021 Audi SQ5 boasts a stunning and luxurious interior that combines sportiness and sophistication. The sculpted sport seats, available in every SQ5 model, offer both style and comfort. You can choose to upgrade to quilted-leather seats for an even more luxurious experience. These seats are not only aesthetically pleasing but also feature heating and power-adjustable functionality, providing ultimate comfort. Additionally, the three-zone automatic climate control allows you to effortlessly adjust the temperature to your liking. While some features come at an extra cost, such as heated rear seats, a heated steering wheel, ventilated front seats, and additional leather trim for the front row, the overall design of the cabin is practical and versatile, catering to your every need. It's a true masterpiece that combines the functionality of a Swiss army knife with the elegance of a Broadway star.


The 2021 Audi SQ5 is the ultimate showstopper with its numerous exterior updates. The vehicle's sleek lighting elements provide brilliant luminance and elegance, while the bold grille resembles a royal crest that exudes sophistication. The enhanced bumpers highlight the vehicle's athletic prowess, making it clear that this SUV means serious business on the road. The new wheel designs add an extra touch of sophistication, making it impossible not to stop and take a moment to admire this work of art. The top-spec Prestige model features standard OLED tail lights that sparkle like a constellation in the night sky, adding an extra dose of glamor. And with new color options, Ultra Blue and District Green, the 2021 SQ5 embodies beauty and elegance. This car is more than just an SUV; it's a masterpiece, where engineering meets artistry, and the result is an eye-catching machine that demands attention. So, buckle up and prepare to be in awe, because the 2021 Audi SQ5 isn't just a statement but a work of art.


Ready to get under the hood? The 2021 Audi SQ5 doesn't just talk the talk, it growls the growl. The heart of the beast is a seriously powerful turbocharged V-6, packing a whopping 349 horsepower. This bad boy makes some serious noise, with Quattro all-wheel drive ensuring the power doesn't go to waste. However, the eight-speed automatic transmission can be a bit sluggish at times, taking its time to switch gears. But hey, it's still a beast on the road, clocking a 5.1-second sprint from zero to sixty. It may not be the fastest luxury SUV out there, but it holds its own. So yeah, while the SQ5's engine might not be flawless, it's got enough power and attitude to make the adrenaline junkies smile.

Fuel Efficiency

Let's delve into the topic of fuel efficiency. While the 2021 Audi SQ5 may not claim the title of a fuel economy champion, it certainly doesn't guzzle fuel either. The EPA doesn't give it an epic score, with consumption figures that wouldn't necessarily top the charts. But hey, don't let that bring you down because here comes the plot twist: the SQ5 performs like a star in real-world conditions. The Prestige test model delivered an impressive 28 mpg on the highway, making a mockery of the EPA's numbers. It even outperformed the Cadillac XT5 while packing way more oomph. So, while it may not impress the eco-warriors, the SQ5 strikes a satisfying balance between practicality and performance, making it a surprisingly efficient ride in its muscle-packed class.


Safety isn't an afterthought with the 2021 Audi SQ5 - it's a carefully considered component of this well-rounded luxury machine. The SQ5 comes standard with a suite of collision-avoidance technologies, which include front and rear automated emergency braking and a blind-spot monitoring system with rear cross-traffic alert. So, you can cruise with confidence knowing that this car has got your back (and your front, and your blind spots). For those who want to up the safety ante, the SQ5 offers optional driver-assistance features such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist. It's like having a protective older brother who's always watching out for you, minus the sibling rivalry. For the official lowdown on the SQ5's crash-test results, check out the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) websites. But rest assured, the SQ5 is committed to keeping you and your precious cargo secure on every journey.

Key Takeaways

So, there you have it! The 2021 Audi SQ5 is a well-rounded machine that gracefully balances luxury, performance, and practicality. It's a statement, an SUV that doesn't just blend into the crowd but stands out with its remarkable blend of aesthetics, power, and technology. Sure, it has its quirks and misses, but let's face it, who doesn't? Despite these minor hiccups, it still manages to put on quite a show. Its engine roars with power and its interior design sings with sophistication. The SQ5 delivers more than just a ride; it delivers an experience. It's a car that speaks to the heart of the driver, offering stylish design, engaging performance, and numerous driver-assistance features that are sure to please any safety-conscious motorist. So, would we recommend the 2021 Audi SQ5? Absolutely. Whether you're a thrill-seeker looking for some grunt and growl, or a comfort-craving driver seeking a warm, sophisticated cabin, the SQ5 aims to please. It's an SUV that doesn't just meet expectations, it exceeds them.