Used 2023 BMW X6 Cars for Sale in Minnesota

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Condition: Used
Mileage: 23,200


Condition: Used
Mileage: 21,158


Condition: Used
Mileage: 23,560


Condition: Used
Mileage: 19,094

What is the average price for used 2023 BMW X6 in Minnesota and how many are for sale?

  • Available
    A total of 4 cars for sale are available.
  • Average
    $63,864 is the average price.
  • –°heapest
    The price is starting from as low as $62,986.
  • Most Expensive
    The most expensive cars cost up to $65,486.

2023 BMW X6 For Sale | Used Cars Minnesota

Meet the wondrous 2023 BMW X6, a vehicle that breaks the mold with its unique blend of practicality and panache. This SUV likes to play pretend, masquerading as a compact sports car, but with the heart and soul of a formidable beast under the hood. In the great tradition of 'bigger is better', this X6 is like a 3-series that's been to the gym and come out with muscles rippling. And don't let its quirky proportions fool you, this is a car that screams elegance from every corner of its plush, highly functional interior. Sure, the stylishly rakish roof may pinch a little headroom and cargo space, but hey, who needs practicality when you're rocking an SUV that's more runway model than soccer mom? Brace yourselves, the 2023 BMW X6 is here to turn heads and take names.

Here are the pros and cons of the 2023 BMW X6:

Pros of 2023 BMW X6:

  • Strong acceleration from both engines
  • Comfortable and quiet ride
  • Posh interior and impressive standard equipment
  • Delivers equally on performance and opulence with deft handling
  • Three muscular engine choices
  • Handsome looks inside and out
  • Super-solid build quality
  • Unexpectedly spacious
  • Sportier looking than its upright X5 sibling

Cons of 2023 BMW X6:

  • Sloping roofline cuts down on cargo space
  • Rear visibility is compromised
  • More affordable and practical options available
  • Cargo capacity falls shy of the more practical ones
  • Compromised outside visibility
  • Fashion statement cuts into rear headroom and cargo space

Read on to learn more about the 2023 BMW X6.


The 2023 BMW X6 is a paragon of luxury, with an interior that exudes upscale charm and sophistication. The cabin is a smorgasbord of high-end materials and soft-touch surfaces. Two grand 12.3-inch digital displays form the centerpiece of the dashboard, providing a technologically advanced yet aesthetically pleasing experience. The instrument panel, while slick in appearance, may seem a tad bit confusing, but fear not, the optional head-up display is refreshingly intuitive. The X6 comes with BMW's gesture controls, allowing you to manage some functions just by waving your hand in front of the infotainment screen. As for the seats, comfort is the watchword. The X6 spoils you with 16-way power-adjustable front seats, ensuring the perfect driving position. Passengers in the rear will find the seating comfortable for two adults, although legroom and headroom are slightly compromised due to the X6's stylishly rakish roofline. However, what the X6 lacks in space, it makes up for in customizability and style.


The 2023 BMW X6 is a bewitching spectacle for the eyes with its exterior design that's as appealing as it is commanding. The X6's silhouette is an effortless amalgamation of an SUV's robustness and a sports car's sleek lines. The sloping roofline, its most distinguishing feature, adds a chic quality to its otherwise muscle-bound body. The car's front fascia is dominated by the signature BMW kidney-shaped grille, flanked by angular LED headlights. These elements together create an imposing presence that is nothing short of magnetic. The rear of the X6 doesn't disappoint either. Its wide stance and the slim, stylish LED taillights add a sense of dynamic athleticism to the mix. The tastefully sculpted wheel arches accommodate a set of bold alloy wheels, enhancing the overall muscular appeal of the X6. Yes, the 2023 BMW X6 carves out its own niche in the realm of luxury SUVs, merging sports car aesthetics with SUV practicality in a way that is both compelling and unique.


The 2023 BMW X6 is a masterclass in performance, offering two distinct engine options that deliver power and grace in equal measure. The X6 40i variant is equipped with a 335-hp turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine, enhanced with a cutting-edge 48-volt hybrid system. This powertrain ensures smooth, brisk acceleration and pairs seamlessly with an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive to deliver a driving experience that is as thrilling as it is effortless. If more power is what you crave, the X6 M50i variant will impress you. Beneath its hood resides a potent twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 engine, substantially raising the bar on performance with its raw, unrestrained power. This engine, too, works in conjunction with the same eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, offering a ride that is as exciting as it is refined.

Fuel Efficiency

The all-wheel-drive-only X6 40i, with its robust turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine, manages to offer a respectable 21 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. For those who crave power and aren't overly concerned about fuel economy, the X6 M50i, with its mighty twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 engine, delivers 16 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway. While these figures may not make the X6 the most fuel-efficient option in the SUV market, they contribute to an overall package that expertly marries performance, luxury, and economy.


The luxury SUV offers a range of standard safety features, including automatic high-beams, lane-departure warning, and forward-collision warning with automated emergency braking. Optional safety features include adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go technology, lane-keeping assist, a blind-spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert, and a surround-view camera system with parking sensors. For the tech-savvy, the X6 also offers BMW's Active Driving Assistant Pro package which provides semi-autonomous driving mode.

As for safety ratings, the 2023 BMW X6 hasn't been crash-tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) yet. However, given BMW's impressive safety reputation, it's reasonable to expect that the X6 will perform well in these safety evaluations.

Key Takeaways

The 2023 BMW X6 is, without a doubt, a car that checks a lot of boxes. If you're looking for luxury and performance wrapped up in a distinctive, sporty design, the X6 is your car. Its interior is a sanctuary of comfort and tech wizardry, and its engine options ensure that you won't be left wanting for power. The exterior? It's a head-turner. Oh, and did we mention the fuel efficiency is pretty decent for its class? Of course, the X6 isn't without its quirks. That rakish roofline, while sexy, does eat into your rear headroom and cargo space. And while its tech is top-notch, it may require a bit of a learning curve. The safety features are robust, although we're still waiting on those official crash-test scores. All in all, the 2023 BMW X6 is a luxury SUV that's got more than just good looks. Sure, it might make a few compromises, but hey, doesn't every good story? Would we recommend it? Absolutely, if you've got a penchant for luxury and don't mind trading a bit of practicality for style.